Practical assessments - Industry Training Academy
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We aim to make our practical assessments for all of our courses as realistic as possible. In Wellington and Auckland we have purpose built simulation units. Our Christchurch premises will be fitted out in the same way. Our candidates go through the process of toolbox talks, preparing the site, simulated removal of asbestos and decontamination procedures. There is plenty of time given for new people to the industry to really understand what is required of them out in the field.

After an A Class course recently the boss commented that he saw a marked improvement in processes with his workers the next day. We watch and listen very carefully to understand how the workers approach every aspect of the job and occasionally throw in surprises to assess their emergency response methods. For candidates who have not worked in the industry previously there is a great opportunity to learn in a practical setting from those with more experience. Due to the content of the course, everyone is able to work to the highest standards in the practical session with ample time given for discussion, understanding and redirection if necessary. Candidates comment that the session is very worthwhile.