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Do I have to sit a Remove Non-Friable Asbestos (B-Class) - CPCCDE3014A certificate before I sit the Remove Friable Asbestos (A-Class) - CPCCDE3015A?


Do I need to have prior experience before sitting the Remove Non-Friable Asbestos (B-Class) - CPCCDE3014A or Remove Friable Asbestos (A-Class) - CPCCDE3015A certificates?

No, the course is designed for new people entering the industry.

If you’re working under a Remove Non-Friable Asbestos (B-Class) - CPCCDE3014A License and only want to carry out B Class work is there any point in me doing the Remove Friable Asbestos (A-Class) - CPCCDE3015A certificate?

No, just do the Remove Non-Friable Asbestos (B-Class) – CPCCDE3014A

If I want to be a Supervisor do I have to do the Remove Friable Asbestos (A-Class) - CPCCDE3015A first?

The following is the answer straight from WorkSafe – There are recognition of prior learning facets available. However whether there is the requirement to do a Class A workers course is up to the training provider – WorkSafe would expect to see some sort of evaluation of the RPL to ascertain whether the COC holder does meet the Class A worker course before being provided this certificate. Industry Training Academy’s best advice is to do the A Class first as we have already had one client rejected for Supervisor by WorkSafe, after receiving this advice from them.

Licensing – How does this work?

The company owns the license and there have to be supervisors named on the license (the business owner can be one of the named supervisors).

IP402 is it going to be recognised?

The BOHS qualifications are recognised by NZQA and WorkSafe

NZQA – are the Australian qualifications equivalent?


Industry Training Academy has a commercial auspice agreement with FreshAir East Coast/Deltawest Holdings (RTO Code 40599) who are the registered training organisation who issue the certification for all Nationally Recognised Asbestos Removal courses delivered and assessed by Industry Training Academy.

IP 404 versus assessor training?

The BOHS is an international qualification and is a more thorough course.

If I was an old COC what do I need to do now?

The Supervisors course –  Supervise Asbestos Removal – CPCCBC4051A

now replaces the old COC.

If I employ a temporary contractor to remove asbestos, do they have to be qualified?

Yes, all workers contracted to remove asbestos from the 4th April 2018 will need to have a Remove Friable Asbestos (A-Class) – CPCCDE3015A or Remove Non-Friable Asbestos (B-Class) – CPCCDE3014A certificate. They cannot work on a site without one of these qualifications. However, if the site contains only B Class asbestos, ie; non-friable, and is less than 10 square metres then non-qualified workers can remove it.

Can I remove the asbestos from my own home?

If you are working on your own home you can remove your own asbestos – however, this is not advised unless you have sought professional advice from someone who knows about asbestos and the safe ways of dealing with it. If the total area of asbestos is less than 10 square metres in total it can be removed by a contractor without a license or qualification as long as it is non-friable.