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Asbestos assessment and air monitoring are required during all friable (Class A) asbestos removal and for non-friable asbestos removal where a risk assessment indicates that airborne asbestos fibres may result from the removal activity. This unit of competency Conduct Asbestos Assessment Associated with Removal – e NZ Unit Standard 26768.

This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to assess the removal process for friable and non-friable asbestos containing material (ACM).

Course Outline

  • plan for assessment process of asbestos removal
  • prepare to collect site measurements and other data
  • use measuring devices to collect site information and data
  • complete the monitoring process; and
  • evaluate and document results of the monitoring process according to accredited laboratory requirements
  • be able to understand the scope of asbestos assessment work by undertaking a thorough review of the removal methodology.
  • be able to confirm by means of on-site inspections that removal has been undertaken in line with the methodology.
  • understand the risks/hazards associated with asbestos removal work, and to ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place – specifically in regard to cleanliness and decontamination.
  • be able to verify that work has been completed by means of thorough visual inspections and air testing within work areas.
  • understand the importance of communicating any findings and observations, and how to document these appropriately.
  • have an understanding of the limitations of the method, common issues that can arise and potential conflicts of interest.
Entry Requirements



-relevant industry experience with Asbestos Removal

What to Bring
  • Lunch provided
Course Delivery
  • Power point presentation
  • Discussion
  • Interaction
  • A written and oral questions
  • Group activities
  • Observations checklist

NZQA Unit Standard: 26768


Course Duration: 2 days – 8.30am to 4.30pm

Cost per Person: $1800 +GST

  • Donald Napier
  • Mark Atkinson
Course Code

Conduct Asbestos Assessment Associated with Removal – NZQA US26768