Asbestos Awareness – General Course | Industry Training Academy NZ
Asbestos Awareness Training for Workplaces, Trades, and Individuals

This workshop is designed to reduce the amount of harm caused to those who may be exposed to asbestos-containing materials. The first step to minimizing the risks posed with working with or around asbestos is being asbestos aware. This means knowing what potentially contains asbestos, what it is that makes asbestos hazardous to human health, and ways that you can work safely with or around asbestos-containing materials without causing harm to yourself or those around you.

Who Should Attend

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Course Outline

  • Asbestos exposure standards, health effects, health surveillance and medical monitoring;
  • Common products containing Asbestos;
  • New Zealand Legislation and Regulations applicable to asbestos handling and removal;
  • Identification, assessment and control of asbestos in buildings;
  • Safe working procedures including the correct wearing, maintenance and use of PPE/RPE;
  • Decontamination procedures; and
  • Storing Labeling and disposal of Asbestos waste.
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Course Delivery
  • Power point presentation
  • Discussion
  • Interaction
  • Certificate of Attendance – NZ$ 175.00 + GST.
  • NZQA Certification – NZ$ 250.00 + GST.

Course Duration: 2.5hrs

Cost per Person: $175 +GST

  • Ian Napier
  • Donald Napier
  • Mark Atkinson
Course Code


NZQA US30596